Company Culture

At Trigion, people make all the difference. It does not matter how advanced security installations and communication systems are: ultimately, people will still need to assess the actual risks, make decisions and take the necessary actions. This requires a solid selection process, training and education, ongoing mentoring, together with clear direction.

Respect and integrity in the way in which people interact with one other are sound basic principles, and we believe that positive motivation is the best driver of good performance. Trigion is vey proud of the high satisfaction rates amongst its employees, low absenteeism, and the high average length of service, all of which, significantly contribute to the high quality and excellent consistency of our services.

To Trigion, securing the initial contract, is just the beginning of a dynamic customer relationship. By constantly measuring and honing the quality and results of our service, and by regularly assessing the satisfaction of both our customers and employees, we ensure that the quality and transparency of our service is both maintained and improved. This information also provides us with a significant level of insight into the changing needs and requirements of our customers and employees alike, enabling us to respond in a positive and focussed manner.

Trigion is proud to be the 2019 winner of ‘Beyond The Living Wage’