Seeing the New Year in safely

5 January 2017

Trigion plays its part in successful and safe New Year’s Eve in London

Construction sites offer a tempting target for thieves, terrorists or just those seeking a thrill, and need adequate security at all times. However, with over 100,000 people in special designated viewing areas along the Thames near the London Eye, a construction project on the South Bank, secured by Trigion, needed extra special attention on New Year’s Eve.

A mixture of manpower and technical security solutions are being used to prevent unauthorised access and keep people safe throughout the development. On New Year’s Eve, an increased number of security officers were deployed around the perimeter of the site to provide a visible deterrent. They were backed up by the site’s comprehensive technical systems with detectors and cameras being monitored on site.
All officers were in radio contact with the on-site control room so they could be directed to anywhere on the site requiring extra support.

Alex Moore, Trigion Contract Manager, was part of a stakeholder group for the event and represented the construction company at planning meetings at City Hall throughout the year. He also took part in a table-top exercise with representatives of all emergency services, local authorities and event organisers.

Alex said, “On New Year’s Eve, I was positioned in the event control room opposite the London Eye, to monitor the Trigion team via radio and CCTV. I was also in a prime position to prevent unauthorised access to the site. I’m delighted that thanks to everyone’s meticulous planning and the arrangements we put in place, the event was a great success and everybody welcomed in the New Year safely.”