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A healthy return on investment in our business, is essential for us to be able to further develop the range and quality of services available to our customers, as well as being able to properly invest in the future of our staff by providing excellent training, apprenticeship and staff welfare programmes – and our are second to none.

Trigion is an inspiring employer

Trigion aims to grow by an average of 6% per annum. Although growth in itself is not the ultimate goal, it is nevertheless a very good indicator of success, and as it is said, ‘success breeds success’.  Because Trigion is a successful company, we tend to attract  successful, high quality people at all levels in our business, and as we know, happy staff make happy customers, or as we say: ‘Happy People Make Happy People’.

Client satisfaction

Every year we carry out an in depth client satisfaction survey. Our management team are constantly checking that our quality of service meets or exceeds each customer’s expectations. Fully documented customer evaluation meetings are usually held every six weeks, with any points raised being promptly investigated and actioned as necessary.


Trigion meticulously registers external complaints, and processes them in accordance with our formal complaints handling procedure. The company keeps the originator of the complaint informed of its progress. When satisfaction is too low or if an adverse report occurs too frequently it is treated as a formal complaint. Thankfully, we receive very few, and perhaps that’s why our customer retention is industry leading.


Trigion has a Company Code with clear integrity guidelines at its core. Our Company Code is closely aligned with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative. In addition, integrity has been given a prominent place in our mandatory organisation-wide training programme.