Trigion Security continue to take steps as a result of the Coronavirus

16 April 2020

Trigion Security are following daily all of the developments associated with the Coronavirus Covid -19 outbreak

TRIGION SECURITY are actively continuing to follow the advice and guidelines to the letter and as such calls on all its colleagues to do the same. At TRIGION SECURITY our focus is to ensure and create a safe environment for all of our colleagues. Therefore, we have introduced additional hygiene measures and a safe distance at work has been implemented within our teams that are working on the frontline doing essential tasks for our valued clients.


Through social media, internal communication channels, and cascading through management teams we will actively communicate about the virus updates as and when we are updated so that the necessary steps can be taken as efficiently as possible. If in any doubt whatsoever we urge our colleagues to take further direction from their Direct Line Manager.


Grateful and proud

 We are so grateful for the efforts made daily by all our staff and even more so proud of our colleagues working day and night to deliver our services to our client base. The importance of the work we are doing is clearer than ever, even during the daily briefings by our government our work is mentioned and commended. 


We are all fully aware of the impact of this crisis and would like to say that our thoughts and prayers are foremost with the loved ones of our colleagues that we have lost during this difficult period.

At the same time, we also realise that the uncertainty of this challenging period, working from home and all other changes will impact on our colleagues in many different ways. For all of our teams we recognise that these are difficult times and if you feel the pressure in any way shape or form , either at work or at home please (virtually) talk to your colleagues, managers and use our free confidential Employee Assistance Programme by telephoning 0800 030 5182 or by visiting Our HR team is also available if you need further assistance and in addition are regularly reaching out to colleagues that are now remote from their usual place of work. 


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The finer details of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme that was last published on the 26th of March. Since this latest publication, Facilicom have pro -actively engaged with our clients where (part of) our staff are / or are about to be furloughed. The focus of these conversations is to find the right balance between the interests of our colleagues and clients whilst ensuring Facilicom remains financially healthy in the short, medium and long term. Facilicom can’t operate during this period  alone and more so than ever we need the support of our clients in order to assist us in this journey that we are embarking on  together. Conversations with our valued clients have been very positive. Facilicom can’t thank them enough for being so supportive during these uncertain and challenging times.

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have commenced furloughing a considerable number of our colleagues. It is important to note that being furloughed is no judgement on the value or contribution of these individuals but purely based on activity levels or rather the lack thereof which means that they are unable to fulfil their roles and responsibilities.  Although people that are furloughed cannot work, as they have been temporarily laid off, they are allowed to volunteer. Facilicom has invited and welcomes the furloughed colleagues to take up a volunteering roles to contribute to their community in its hour of need.

The exact date of the availability of the on-line application tool is still not yet clear although the 20th of April now has been mentioned. We will need to see how quickly the government will be able to deal with the large number of expected requests and until then we can’t ascertain when repayment of the furloughed staff wages will take place.



We would like to take this opportunity of re-assuring you that our primary objective is to endeavour to continue to deliver the best possible service during these unchartered times.  We are committed to supporting you and your colleagues to enable your own business continuity during circumstances which are exceptional and unprecedented for all of us.  


We cannot prevent the virus from spreading, but we can all play an important role in trying to reduce the speed of the spread and adhering to the rules laid out by the Government. Therefore, we are working hard to ensure that our service delivery model is maintained and if risks are identified these will be discussed with the stakeholders involved.


The current situation has had a major impact on each and every one of us. We require greater flexibility of all of our colleagues across the entire business. We hope to be able to count on your cooperation to overcome this crisis jointly. Together as one we will get through this. One Team, One Industry, One Nation, Working together as One.